All animals great or small, Meryl takes care of them all.
13th March 2002

On Thursday Meryl arrived, with some trepidation, at a farm where a dog and cat had been locked up in a house for 18 days. The pets had been left in the care of a domestic worker when the family fled, but after 2 days he was denied access to the house. Expecting the worst, when the team managed to get in, they were thrilled to find that both animals, although emaciated and weak, were still alive. 12 Year old Paddy, the dog, had been drinking water out of the toilet bowl and had managed to pull down and tear open a bag of dog meal. The cat, Tokolosh, was a bit more worse for wear but is making excellent recovery.
Paddy and Tokolosh reunited with their owner after their 18 day ordeal.
30th April 2002
The reports which have been received over the past fortnight have not been encouraging. Two dogs were killed in separate incidents on farms. In the first case, 'Paddy', a Jack Russell was beaten to death on a Banket farm when he tried to protect his home from invaders. In similar circumstances a Fox Terrier was also trying to protect his home and family on a farm near Harare. The farmer was trying to get all his dogs into the house out of harm's way but this brave pet went for the invaders and had one leg completely severed by a blow from a panga. The farmer had the presence of mind to put the animal down to prevent further suffering.

In Makoni, an opposition party reported to the ZNSPCA that a female supported was stripped naked by a group of male youths and her kitchen torched. The lady had 8 goats in the room for safety and they were killed in the blaze. It is then reported that her pets were thrown into the fire. Thereafter the group set fire to her chickencoop, killing 26 birds. In a similar incident a man from Chipinge had his home torched as well as his wooden stock pen containing 8 goats, who were killed in the fire.

In Norton, the team had to deal with a most disturbing case. On a cattle ranch, from which the owner had been violently evicted some time ago, the herd was left behind. The 'new' farmer has several dogs which have been attacking the herd. Last week the Rescue Team had to euthanise 2 cows whose ears and muzzles had been torn off. A traumatised calf was saved but his ears were in shreds. The poor animals must have suffered terribly. Also seen on this farm were emaciated pigs without food. The 'new' farmer maintained he was an experienced farmer and was looking after them

In Wedza an 8 month old calf was struck 9 times with an axe. He was found still alive and had to be euthanised..