pedigree barbati

Barbati at 6 weeks old
Vizara Fashama, in the middle, lives in Israel with Chicco (left) and Phebus (right).
This is my mother Filiar, who lives with Vered in Hofit, Israel.
My father is Vizara Fashama. On 28th August 11 pups were born.
On 21st October Mariette took me on the plane in a Sherpa bag. We arrived in Holland the next morning at 1.30 am.
And there we were met by Rianne, with whom I'm living now...together with a Shi Zhu called Tommy.
This was just after I arrived in Holland and met with Rianne. All I can say is that it was much colder than in Israel.
After a couple of drinks we went home.......
First litter reunion in the HaYarkon Park, Tel Aviv on 21st December 2001